A transitional curriculum for preparing medical students for internship, does it work?

Mostafa Dehghani, Omid Athar, Vahid Ashourioun, Mohammed Reza Akhlaghi, Maryam Avizhgan, Atousa Esmaeili, P Nasri, M Hosseini, A Asilian


  • Background:in a formative evaluation, we were supposed to find whether an innovative program has some merits to be continued or not. We also determined the critical points of the program. The evaluated program was a clinical pre-clerkship curriculum launched for departing to a less stressful medical clerkship.
  • Materials and Methods: we analyzed the information contained in the students’ logbooks. Using Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure standardized questionnaire, we also assessed the students’ perception of learning environment within six clinical departments.
  • Results: Totally, 64% of expected patient contacts, and teaching of more than 71% of required skills at 4 departments were carried out and students had more positive than negative perspective of their learning environments.
  • Conclusion: The evaluand is a worthwhile program to be continued, though it needs some considerations for improvement.
  • Key words: Clinical skills, curriculum, learning outcomes, phase of education, practical procedures, teaching and learning, undergraduate, work-based

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