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April (2018)

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Original Article

Effectiveness of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for chronic Achilles tendinopathy: A randomized clinical trial PDF XML
Babak Vahdatpour, Hadi Forouzan, Fatemeh Momeni, Mehdi Ahmadi, Parisa Taheri Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:37 (26 April 2018)
Effect of fermented camel milk on glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, and inflammatory biomarkers of adolescents with metabolic syndrome: A double?blind, randomized, crossover trial PDF XML
Zahra Fallah, Awat Feizi, Mahin Hashemipour, Roya KelishadiEffect of fermented camel milk on glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, and inf Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:32 (27 April 2018)
Ultrasonographic findings of rheumatoid arthritis patients who are in clinical remission PDF XML
Hadi Karimzadeh, Mehdi Karami, Nasrin Bazgir, Mansour Karimifar, Ghasem Yadegarfar, Zohrea Mohammadzadeh Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:38 (26 April 2018)
Effect of chamomile capsule on lipid? and hormonal?related parameters among women of reproductive age with polycystic ovary syndrome PDF XML
Maryam Heidary, Zahra Yazdanpanahi, Mohammad Hossain Dabbaghmanesh, Mohammad Ebrahin Parsanezhad, Masoumeh Emamghoreishi, Marzieh Akbarzadeh Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:33 (26 April 2018)
The prognostic value of lymph node ratio in survival of head?and?neck squamous cell carcinoma PDF XML
Reza Eshraghi Samani, Mohammad Shirkhoda, Maryam Hadji, Faramarz Beheshtifard, Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Ghaffari Hamedani, Ali Momen, Mahtab Mollashahi, Kazem Zendehdel Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:35 (26 April 2018)
Comparison of salivary testosterone levels in different phases of bipolar I disorder and control group PDF XML
Sabra Mousavizadegan, Mohsen Maroufi Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:31 (26 April 2018)

Review Article

Varicella infection in the Middle East: Prevalence, complications, and vaccination PDF XML
Mariam Al?Turab, Wassim Chehadeh Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:19 (26 April 2018)
Immunology and Genetic of Leishmania infantum: The Role of Endonuclease G in the Apoptosis PDF XML
Mehdi Azami, Vahid Ranjkesh Adermanabadi, Hossein Khanahmad, Mohammad Ali Mohaghegh, Ebtesam Zaherinejad, Maryam Aghaei, Akram Jalali, Seyed Hossein Hejazi Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:36 (26 April 2018)

Case Reports

Endotracheal stent increased survival length in patients with invasive thymic adenocarcinoma PDF XML
Tatjana Adzic?Vukicevic, Aleksandra Barac, Ana Blanka?Protic, Spasoje Popovic, Zivka Uskokovic?Stefanovic, Jelena Stojsic, Aleksandra Dudvarski Ilic Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:30 (26 April 2018)

Letters to Editor

Mathematical modeling for hemoglobin change due to blood loss due to hookworm infection PDF XML
Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit Pages: J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:34 (26 April 2018)

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