Acute lymphoid leukemia presenting with superior vena cava syndrome

Mohammad Emami Ardestani, Firouzeh Moeinzadeh


  • When superior vena cava (SVC) compress or obstructed by internal or external pressure, we encounter to SVC syndrome. The cause of this compression is malignant or benign. Although the widespread use of permanent central venous access catheters coupled with the improved success of chemotherapy has increased the incidence of SVC syndrome not caused by direct tumor infiltration (non-malignant SVC syndrome) but SVC syndrome may be a sign of advanced malignancy. In this report, we present a 30-year-old man with lymphoma that present with SVC syndrome at presentation. With chemotherapy, patient was recovered from signs and symptoms.
  • Key words: Acute lymphoid leukemia, hyper cyclophosphamide, vincristin, adriamycine, dexamethasone regimen, superior vena cava syndrome

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