Metabolic syndrome in ischemic stroke: A case-control study

Fereshteh Ashtari, Mehri Salari, Ashraf Amminoroaya, Behna Khademi Deljoo, Mina Moeini


  • BACKGROUND: The metabolic syndrome has known as an independent risk factor of stroke. The occurrence of this syndrome is due to genetic factors and lifestyle. This study was performed  on the frequency of metabolic syndrome prevalence in ischemic stroke patients compare to control.
  • METHODS: One hundred ischemic stroke patients and 100 controls (with the same age and sex) were evaluated for this study.
  • RESULTS: 62% of patient and 34% of controls had metabolic syndrome criteria according to National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) {OR: 3.2; 95% CI (1.9–9.7), p = 0.001} Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women was more than men (52% vs. 44%) {OR: 0.72; 95% CI (0.4, 1.3)}. Beside of metabolic syndrome, prevalence of metabolic syndrome components was significantly higher in stroke patients compare to controls.
  • CONCLUSIONS: Metabolic syndrome prevalence are more common in stroke patients compare to controls, but it should be noticed that the controls are in a risk of future stroke so they need special treatment to prevent it.
  • KEYWORDS: Metabolic Syndrome, Prevalence, Stroke


Metabolic syndrome,stroke,prevalence

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