Pentalogy of Cantrell: a case report

Amir Hossein Jafarian, Abbas Ali Omidi, Alireza Fazel, Hamed Sadeghian, Bahareh Joushan


  • Cantrell's pentalogy (CP), a rare congenital malformation, consists of the supraumbilical abdominal wall defect, the sterna lower part defect and agenesis of the anterior portion of the diaphragm, an absence of the diaphragmatic part of the pericardium, and a malformation of cardia. This case report presents a female neonate, who was born at 32 weeks of conception, weighing 1300 g and was admitted one hour after delivery. She had the five anatomical defects known for Cantrell's Pentalogy. Moreover, autopsy revealed a bilateral cleft lip and palate, a patent ductus arteriosus, and an atrial and ventricular septal defect.
  • KEYWORDS: Ectopia Cordis, Abdominal Wall, Defects, Cleft Lip and Palate Associated Transmembrane Protein 1, Human, Equinovarus.


Pentalogy, Cantrell, Ectopia cordis, Abdominal Wall Defects, Cleft lip/palate, Club Foot

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