Textiloma, migration of retained long gauze from abdominal cavity to intestine

Hojjat Molaei Govarjin, Mohsen Talebianfar, Farinaz Fattahi, Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari


  • Retaining of gauzes and surgical sponges in the abdomen is one of the most frequent medical errors usually manifesting as abscess or abdomino-cutaneus fistulas with no definite symptoms during lifetime. Here, we introduce a 35 year old woman with symptoms and signs of partial bowel obstruction and enterocutaneous fistulas caused by migration of retained gauze from abdominal cavity to terminal ileum, 9 months after cesarean section. This is called “Textiloma”. There are several reports of gossypiboma worldwide but migration of retained gauze into intestine causing an enterocutaneous fistula is rare.
  • KEYWORDS: Surgical Error, Retained Surgical Towel, Gossypiboma, Foreign Body.


medical error; textiloma; gassypiboma; intestio-cutaneus fistula

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