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A monthly journal in clinical medicine publishing by the Research Department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.

Aim and Scope

Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (JRMS) is aimed to promote communication among clinicalresearchers worldwide. This journal publishes original works within the area of clinical medicine. It is an international journal with editorial and consultant contributors from various parts of the world, and is published in a volume of 12 issues appearing monthly.

Peer Review Policy

Contributions for almost all sections of journals are subjected to peer review by at least three international experts in the field. Submissions should conform to the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Medical Journals. Unsolicited manuscripts will be reviewed for publication with the following understanding that: They represent original work The paper, including its essential data, tables, and figures, has not been published elsewhere in whole or part, the paper neither was published already nor is being under review elsewhere.



General: Publication Fee


The journal charges following fee on acceptance

Original Article, Review Article: US$ 300 (for overseas authors) and 8000000 Rials (for Iranian authors).Case Report and Short Communication: US$ 100 (for overseas authors) and 2000000 Rials (for Iranian authors).

Authors of Short Communications, Case Reports, Original Articles and Review Articles will be charged a minimum fee of 50$ per additional 600 words. The additional fee would be 2000000 Rials for Iranian authors.

Fast-Track Review Fee (FTF)

Authors sometimes have to meet publication deadlines, e.g. for promotion & tenure or thesis defense, grant proposals, the spending of research funds before a certain deadline, publication of follow-up papers, or because the findings are deemed important. To facilitate a speedy turn-around when a rapid decision is required, JRMS offers a review model in which selected peer reviewers may be paid to deliver high-quality and speedy peer-review reports. This is entirely optional - if you do not wish to pay for a fast-track peer review process, just submit your paper normally as described before in the instruction for authors. If you opt for fast-track review, you are guaranteed: a rapid editorial decision and peer-review comments within 4 weeks (from submission to acceptance) after submission and payment of the fee.

In order to take advantage of this, authors must pay a non-refundable fast-track fee (FTF). This should be done within 24 hours after submission. Authors should send their submission confirmation email to for initiation of review process.

The fast-track fee for the first review process is US$ 100 (for overseas authors) and 4000000 Rials (for Iranian authors). The review fee is not refundable if we reject the paper (with or without peer-reviews) in the time period stipulated above.

The final FTF for Original Article and Review Article is as follows; US$ 450 (for overseas authors) and 12000000 Rials (for Iranian authors).

The final FTF for Case Report and Short Communication is as follows; US$ 150 (for overseas authors) and 3000000 Rials (for Iranian authors).

(As mandated by the Indian Government and based on the Service tax Law and procedures, Wolters Kluwer India Private Ltd, would be charging service tax @14.00% on fees collected from Indian authors with effect from 1st June 2015. The said tax will be in addition to the prices maintained on the website to be collected from the authors and will be paid to the Indian Government.)

Posted: 2014-06-08
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