Clinical outcome of en-block resection and reconstruction with nonvascularized fibular autograft for the treatment of giant cell tumor of distal radius

Mohammad H Taraz-Jamshidi, Mohammad Gharadaghi, Seyed Mahdi Mazloumi, Mohammad Hallaj-Moghaddam, Mohammad H Ebrahimzadeh


Background: Although giant cell tumor (GCT) is considered to be a primary benign bone tumor, its aggressive behavior makes its diagnosis and treatment, difficult and challenging. This is especially true in distal radius where GCT appears to be more aggressive and difficult to control locally. We report our clinical outcome of en-block resection and reconstruction with non-vascularized fibular autograft in 15 patients with distal radius GCT. Materials and Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 15 patients with GCT (Grade 2 and 3) of distal radius who were treated with en-block resection and non-vascularized fibular autograft. Five of 15 were recurrent GCT treated initially with extended curettage; local adjuvant therapy and filling the cavity with cement or bone graft. We followed the patients for mean 7.2 years post operation (range: 4-11 years). Patients were evaluated post operation with clinical examination, plain radiography of distal radius and chest X-ray and/or computed tomography scan. Furthermore pain, function, range of motion and grip strength of the affected limb were evaluated and mMayo wrist score was assessed. Results: A total of 11 patients were women and 4 were men. Mean age of patients was 29 years (range: 19-48). We had no lung metastasis and bony recurrence occurred in one patient (6.6%). Nearly 53.3% of patients had excellent or good functional wrist score, 80% of the patients were free of pain or had only occasional pain and 80% of patients returned to work. Mean range of motion of the wrist was 77° of fl exion-extension and mean grip strength was 70% of the normal hand. Conclusion: En-block resection of distal radius GCT and reconstruction with nonvascularized fibular autograft is an effective technique for treatment in local control of the tumor and preserving function of the limb.

Key words: Autograft, distal radius, giant cell tumor, outcome, reconstruction, fibular graft

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