Brucella-Related Aneurysm; A Case Report and Review of Literature

Reza Shams Amiri, Hamed Hanif, Abbas Amir Jamshidi


Background: Intracerebral aneurysm formation due to infective process is a known entity; but brucella-related aneurysm has rarely been reported.

Case presentation: A 34-year-old male who presented by fever and two times attack of intracerebral hemorrhage due to multiple distal Middle cerebral artery aneurysm, was managed surgically because of no improvement on angiography by trial of antibiotic therapy. At secondary work ups, systemic and CNS brucellosis was diagnosed and proper antibiotic regimen was administered, so full recovery could be achieved.

Conclusion: By a thorough review of the literature, all the previously reported cases and any possibility of treatment is been reviewed.


Infective aneurysm, Brucella, Endovascular, Meningitis