Review of 52 Benign Skull Base Tumors and their Complications

Ali Hashemzadeh, Laaya Mohammadi


Background: Skull base tumors are one of the challenging lesions for every neurosurgeon because of benignity and technological advances in recent years. Review of approaches and results of our operations and complications. Materials and Method: We studied retrospectively our patient's documentations 1385-1391 in Shahriar and Alinasab hospital.Results: Fifty two cases (52) includes; 26 meningioma, 16 hypophiseal adenoma, 4 acoustic schewanoma, 2 trigeminal schewanoma, 2 epidermiod cyst, 1 fibrous dysplasia, 1 chemodetoma. Six of the 52 patients died because of (1) vascular instability two cases (meningioma, trigeminal schewanoma), (2) pneumonia 1 case (adenoma), (3) increased intracranial pressure and edema 1 case, (4) pulmonary emboli 1 case, (5) temporal edema.Conclusion: Advances in microsurgical techniques and approaches of skull base surgery have promoted the outcomes of these tumor surgeries, even in general center without advances equipment.

Keywords: Skull Base Tumors; Benign; Approach; Complication