Application and Preventive Maintenance of Neurosurgery and Neurology Medical Equipment in Isfahan Alzahra Hospital

Sahar Vesal, Parivash Alikhani


Background: Nowadays Medical equipment plays an important role in the treatment and in the medical education. Using outdated preventive maintenance (PM) system may cause problems in the cutting edge medical equipment, Nervous system disease's equipment (In diagnosis and treatment) which are crucial for every medical center. Based on above facts we focused on nervous system treat units’ equipment and informed the supervisors and their colleagues about the latest equipment maintenance status and promoted methodical and correct method to be used for medical equipment maintenance.Materials and Methods: This research is an analytical descriptive and has been done on the base information from a particular time to past. We gathered our required information of 2013 from Alzahra Medical Center. We divided this research info 2 main phases. In the first phase, we picked out neurosurgery and neurology diseases medical equipment (diagnosis and therapy equipment) and in the second phase, we need to implement a methodical PM for every equipment.Results: Research has shown that there are 19 nervous system equipment in Alzahra medical center, categorized in diagnostic (13 pcs), therapeutic (4 pcs) and diagnostic-therapeutic (2 pcs). As we declare in methods part of this research, we categorized medical equipment in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) segmentation. Capital-scarce equipment: Magnetic resonance imaging, Eco Doppler, Kamalaarak ultrasonic surgical aspirator, Stereotactic, computed tomography-scan, euroendoscope/vital-scarce equipment: Coblation, Sonoco, vaterjet/scarce equipment: Transcranial color Doppler, electroencephalogram, electromyography, surgical microscope.Conclusion: Survey of application and preventive maintenance of neurosurgery and neurology medical equipment in Isfahan Alzahra hospital show there is no P.M system. Implementing a complete P.M system for this medical center is crucial to preventing cause problems for these medical equipment and decreasing maintenance costs and gaining uptime. Researchers of this article have tried to provide PM, use of texts, web and experts.