Akinetic Mutism Following Treatment of Parasagittal Meningioma: A Case Report

Giv Sharifi, Seyed Ali Mousavinejad


BackgroundAkinetic mutism is a behavioral state wherein a patient seems to be awake but does not move or speak. We present a patient who developed akinetic mutism after total resection of huge parasagital meningioma

Case presentation: The patient is a 35 years old woman that referred to our hospital with a history of headache for 2 years ago. Neurological examinations were normal. MRI show a huge parasagittal mass lesion with shift of the midline and peripheral edema. Brain MRV showed occlusion of superior sagittal sinus with the mass. The patient underwent surgery with diagnosis of parasagittal meningioma. The tumor was resected totally (sympson’s classification grade 1) and the superior sagittal sinus was ligated between the middle segment and posterior segment. After surgery the she extubed and referred to ICU .she remained aware, mute and motionless. The CT SCAN showed peunomocephaly. 2 week after surgery she was speaking one-syllabe word and three week after surgery she was speaking normally and has quadriparesia. After 2 month of surgery she recovered her motor function fully.

Conclusion: Akinetic mutism is an infrequent complication that can occur after brain surgery although this condition usually is transient.


Akinetic mutism; Parasagittal Meningioma; Tumor resection