Spinal Deformities and Neurosurgeon

Kh Rastegar


Most of the deformities caused or are in association with neurosurgical diseases. Many of them also cause neurological problems that needs neurosurgical operations. Many spinal intracanal and cord lesions and anomalies are seen in scoliosis and kyphosis such as cord tetherings, diastematomyelia, arnold–charri malformation, syringomyelia, diplomyelia, lipoma of cord. Different kinds of spine and spinal cord  tumors, hydro-syringomyelias, inclusion tumors, meningoceles and meningo-myeloceles, and different types of occult spinal dysraphysms, cystic lesions such as neurentric  or ependymal cysts, hydatid cyst, lumbo-sacral cystic lesions like lepto-meningeal cysts and anterior sacral meningoceles and many other pathologies that are operated by neurosurgeons. Many of deformities needs decompression by neurosurgeon. Some of deformities occur after neurosurgical procedures that is better to manage by neurosurgeon. In neurofibromatosis variety of scoliosis for example there are many neurosurgical problems like different CNS tumors, dural ectasia and cord compression that needs neurosurgical interventions and etc. so at least such deformities should managed by neurosurgeons  that are expert in deformity surgery.


Spinal Deformities; Spinal tumors; Neurosurgeon