5 Years Results of Gamma Knife Corpus Callosotomy in Iran

Mazdak Alikhani, Mohammad Ali Bitaraf, Sohrab Shahzad, Sohrab Sadegh, Alireza Zali, Hossein Ashrafian, Soraya Soleiman Zadeh, Alireza Feli, Ghazale Grayol


Background: Gamma knife radiosurgery is a minimaly invasive procedure which can be used for patients with intractable epilepsies as an alternative for surgical corpus callosotomy there is no significant method for gamma knife callosotomy, our experiences in different way of callosotomy may be helpful.

Materials and Methods: 24 patients with severe refractory generalized seizures associated with disabling drop attacks underwent GK callosotomy between 2006-2011.first 7 patients just anterior (1/3 ant) callosotomy and second 17 patients extended callosotomy up to near splenium. 35-40 Gy as thin as possible section was used as prescribing dose in all 24 patients and our mean follow up is 34m, in this period the frequency and severity of drop attacks and also generalized attacks were controlled several times.

Results: More than 63% decrease in drops in group1 and 75% in group 2 in this period is significant. The short period of follow and different types of medical therapy plus and different types of drug side effects make the conclusions difficult.

Conclusion: Near total gamma knife callosotomy in short period has superior results in decreasing drops and generalized seizures. The severity and frequency of atonic and generalized epilepsy was significantly reduced in all patients and near total callosotomy is significantly better input follow.


Callosotomy-Gamma knife