Sprengel deformity and Klippel-Feil syndrome leading to cervical myelopathy presentation in old age

Seyyed Ahmad Mirhosseini, Seyyed Mohammad Mahdy Mirhosseini, Reza Bidaki, Ahmad Pourrashidi Boshrabadi


  • Klippel-Feil syndrome is a rare condition characterized by the congenital fusion of two of the seventh cervical vertebrae. A 50-year-old woman presented with a 2-year history of neck pain and ataxia for 1 year. She had not urinary incontinence. She was referred to a neurosurgeon by a neurologist because of her progressive gait ataxia. Risk for brachial plexus injury because of compression or stretching by the clavicle accelerate with age. Therefore, the surgical approach of adults’ patients with Sprengel’s deformity can intend suitable surgical conclusions.
  • Key words: Cervical myelopathy, Klippel-Feil syndrome, omovertebral bone, sprengel deformity

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