Severe gastrointestinal burn with hydrochloric Acid

Coşkun Araz, Nedim Çekmen, Özcan Erdemli, Lutfu Soylu, Fuat Atalay, Tevfik Ali Demirbaş, Ali Demirbağ, Bahadir Celep


  • Inadvertantly or purposely, an oral intake of corrosive substances may cause life-threatening problems. Early admission to the hospital, clinical and endoscopic evaluation, and early surgery when required, may reduce morbidity and mortality. We report the case of a 49-year-old male patient, who had attempted suicide, by drinking about 800 mL of 25% hydrochloric acid, and who had severe intraabdominal damage. The aim of this report is to state the fact that a good outcome is possible in severe burns caused by oral intake of corrosive substances, when fast, multidisciplinary, and appropriate management is provided on time.
  • Key words: Corrosive ingestion, hydrochloric acid, intensive care unit

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