Code of ethics for the national pharmaceutical system: Codifying and compilation

Pooneh Salari, Hamidreza Namazi, Mohammad Abdollahi, Fatemeh Khansari, Shekoufeh Nikfar, Bagher Larijani, Behin Araminia


  • Pharmacists as one of health-care providers face ethical issues in terms of pharmaceutical care, relationship with patients and cooperation with the health-care team. Other than pharmacy, there are pharmaceutical companies in various fields of manufacturing, importing or distributing that have their own ethical issues. Therefore, pharmacy practice is vulnerable to ethical challenges and needs special code of conducts. On feeling the need, based on a shared project between experts of the ethics from relevant research centers, all the needs were fully recognized and then specified code of conduct for each was written. The code of conducts was subject to comments of all experts involved in the pharmaceutical sector and thus criticized in several meetings. The prepared code of conducts is comprised of professional code of ethics for pharmacists, ethics guideline for pharmaceutical manufacturers, ethics guideline for pharmaceutical importers, ethics guideline for pharmaceutical distributors, and ethics guideline for policy makers. The document was compiled based on the principles of bioethics and professionalism. The compiling the code of ethics for the national pharmaceutical system is the first step in implementing ethics in pharmacy practice and further attempts into teaching the professionalism and the ethical code as the necessary and complementary effort are highly recommended.
  • Key words: Pharmaceuticals, pharmacy ethics, pharmacy professionalism

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