Histological Study of Nerve Endings in Ligamentum Flavum in Patients with Discopathy

Z Behdadipour, H Moin, Sh Raisi, M Mardani, A Mirhoseini


Background: Ligamentum flavum normally has neural ends so it has sensory role and helps to protect vertebral column against different injuries. The aim of this study was to detect the neural ends in ligamentum flavum in patients with discopathy. Methods: Samples were taken from ligamentum flavum of the patients with discopathy during surgery. One hundred samples were considered. Five hundred sections were obtained and stained with H & E method and were studied under light microscope. Results: Nerve corpuscles were found in none of the sections of the patients. Conclusion: It seems that ligamentum flavum in patients has a loss in the nerve ends that leads to a decrease in proprioceptive information to control nervous system and may injure tissues like cartilage, osseous and fascia.
Keywords: Discopathy, Nerve Ends, Ligamentum Flavum.

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