Conjunctival biopsies and ophthalmic lesions: A histopathologic study in eastern India

Santosh K. Mondal, Dipanwita R. Nag, Ranjana Banyopadhyay, Anindya Adhikari, Subhalakshmi Mukhopadhyay


  • Background: The conjunctiva is a thin and flexible mucus membrane that provides a protective barrier to the eye. Very few histopathologic studies have been conducted on conjunctival biopsies in eastern India.
  • Materials and Methods: 120 conjunctival biopsies from 117 patients (76 males, 41 females) received during 8 years (January 2003–December 2010) were included in this study. Results: Histologic diagnoses were: degenerative lesions in 38 cases (31.66%), benign epithelial lesions in 23 cases (19.16%), premalignant and malignant epithelial lesions in 27 cases (22.5%), melanocytic lesions in 10 cases (8.33%), lymphoid in 7 cases (5.83%), and miscellaneous in 15 cases (12.5%).
  • Conclusion: Squamous papilloma was the commonest benign tumor, whereas the commonest malignant tumor was squamous cell carcinoma. Melanocytic lesions were less prevalent compared to other/western studies.
  • Key words: Conjunctiva, different lesions, histopathology

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