Sonographic Measurement of Absolute and Relative Renal Length in Healthy Isfahani Adults

A Hekmatnia, M Yaraghi


Background: There is no information on renal size and its relation to age, sex and height in the area of Isfahan. The aim of this study was to define sonographically measured absolute renal lengths and their relations to height in normal Isfahani adults. Methods: 400 healthy Isfahani subjects aged 20 to 69 years with normal blood pressure, no history of renal disease in them or their first degree relatives and with normal sonographic appearance were chosen in 2002-2003. The study was cross-sectional. With real-time sonography, absolute renal length was measured. Results: Four hundred healthy adults (230 men and 170 women) aged 20 to 69 years (39.6 ± 13.6 year) were evaluated. The length of left kidney was longer than the right one (111 ± 9.8 mm vs. 109 ± 8.4 mm in right kidney; P < 0.01). Renal length was significantly greater in males compared to females (P < 0.01). Renal length decreased with age and the rate of decrease was accelerated at the age of 60 years and older. There was a significant correlation between kidney length and the subject's height (P < 0.01). Conclusion: The result of this study shows the normal values for renal length in Iranian males and females, which may be helpful in assessing the size of patients’ kidneys in different clinical settings.
Keywords: Kidney size, Renal length, Ultrasonography, Normal values.

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