Association of vitamin D deficiency and coronary artery disease with cardiovascular risk factors

Zahra Dana Siadat, Keyvan Kiani, Masoumeh Sadeghi, AmirSina Shariat, Ziba Farajzadegan, Maryam Kheirmand


  • Background: Vitamin D deficiency is a prevalent condition in many countries .The aim of this study is to elucidate whether deficient vitamin D status is associated with coronary artery disease considering cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Materials and Methods: We measured 25 (OH) D serum levels in 57 patients that were diagnosed with coronary artery disease upon coronary angiography and 62 individuals in the control group who were matched for age and sex with the patients and examined the association between serum 25(OH)D and coronary artery disease with regard to other cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Results: The odds ratio of being affected by coronary artery disease in individuals with vitamin D deficiency(25 (OH) D<30 ng/ml) was 5.8(1.77-18.94) after adjustment with other cardiovascular risk factors, ie, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, physical activity and high blood cholesterol in comparison with the control group .
  • Conclusion: Low levels of 25(OH)D are associated with prevalent coronary artery disease independent of other cardiovascular risk factors.Further investigations could demonstrate the need for vitamin D supplementations in order to prevent atherosclerosis.
  • Key words: Coronary artery disease, cardiovascular disease, risk factor, Vitamin D deficiency

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