Which uterine myomatous masses must be removed?

Azar Danesh Shahraki, Fereshteh Mohammadizadeh, Elham Nagshineh, Leila Hashemi



Leiomyoma is the most common tumor of uterus and female pelvis. Leiomyosarcoma almost always arise de novo and almost it doesn’t results from sarcomatous transformation of a leiomyoma. One of the most controversial concepts on the subject of uterine smooth muscle tumors is smooth muscle tumor of uncertain malignant potential (STUMP), a term first used by Kempson in 1973.[1] These are a group of heterogeneous and uncommon uterine smooth muscle tumors which fulfill some but not all the diagnostic criteria for leiomyosarcoma. This makes them unclassifiable by currently available criteria as unequivocally benign or malignant.[1] In these tumors, it is simply impossible with current tools to predict the behavior with certainty and this makes their management difficult.[2]…

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