Postmyomectomy gossypiboma: A surgical mishap

Gaurav Aggarwal, Bhakti Sarang, Rajkumar Mathur, Nobhojit Roy


  • Gossypibomas or retained surgical foreign bodies, although uncommon causes of abdominal lumps, still remain a major cause of concern for surgeons worldwide. Their early identification and treatment are mandatory to prevent morbidity as well as mortality. The major diagnostic dilemma still remains in the vagueness of presentation of this callous entity. We present a similar situation in which a 30-year-old lady, previously operated for a uterine myoma, reported to us with an intra-abdominal lump which on exploration turned out to be a surgical sponge.
  • Key words: Gossypiboma, recurrent abdominal pain, surgical sponge

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