Association between allergic rhinitis and migraine

Alia Saberi, Shadman Nemati, Reza Jafari Shakib, Ehsan Kazemnejad, Mohammadbagher Maleki


  • Background: Migraine and allergic rhinitis (AR) are two common causes of headache and facial pain that inflammatory mediators with vasoactive function play important roles in both of them. The aim of this research was to determine the prevalence of migraine in AR patients.
  • Materials and Methods: In a cross-sectional comparative study performed from June to December 2010 in patients
  • with AR sign and symptoms referred to ear, nose, throat (ENT) clinic of a university hospital in Iran-Rasht, 46 patients with positive skin prick test were compared with 60 subject without AR signs and symptoms and with negative skin test. In both the groups, history of migraine according to IHS (International Headache Society ) criteria were investigated. Analysis of data was performed by chi-sqaure and Fisher exact test by using SPSS16. Odds ratio were estimated for determining the chance of migraine in AR.
  • Results:In case group (14 male, 37 female; mean age: 31.17 Â} 8.31 years) and control group (23 male, 37 female; mean age: 37.58 Â} 12.6 years), the prevalence of migraine was 37% and 5%, respectively. The differences in prevalence of migraine and migraine without aura between cases and controls were significant (P = 0.001). The chance of migraine in AR was 8.227 folds (95% CI: 2.38-28.42). In subjects older than 40 years old, the difference of prevalence of migraine was significant, contrary to subjects younger than 30 years old and between 30 and 39 years old.
  • Conclusions: There is a correlation between migraine especially without aura and AR and this
  • correlation is more powerful with increasing age.
  • Key words: Allergic rhinitis, migraine, skin prick test test

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