An unforgettable concurrence: Successfully managed gallstone ileus accompanied by diabetic nephropathy

Rikki Singal, Parveen Gupta, Sankalp Dwivedi, Amit Mittal, Sudha Kohli, Samita Gupta


  • Gallstone ileus is an uncommon complication of gall stones associated with potentially serious morbidity and mortality.We reported a 60-year-old male case who presented with renal failure and pain in right hypochondriac region. He also had a history of brain infarcts along with diabetes which is an additional factor for mortality.
    On Computed Tomography of the abdomen, he was diagnosed to have an obstruction in the distal part of the ileum and air in the gall bladder. Its diagnosis is difficult and especially treatment is challengeable in septicemia and surgery remains the mainstay in management. In follow up of 1 month patient is doing well.
  • Keywords: Obstruction, Stone, Pneumobilia, Cholecystocholedochal Fistula, Renal Failure, Surgery


Obstruction; stone; pneumobilia; cholecystocholedochal fistula; renal failure; Surgery

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