A comparison between the efficacy of narrow band ultra violet B phototherapy with and without needling of the lesion in the treatment of vitiligo

Fatemeh Mohaghegh, Ali Asilian, Gita Faghihi, Neda Adibi


  • BACKGROUND: Vitiligo as a common pigmentary disorder affects up to 2% of the general population. There are several treatment modalities in the literature but photo therapy is one of the best known with an improving effect. The goal of this study was to compare the efficacy of NB-UVB alone with adjunction of NB-UVB with needling procedure in inducing of regimentation.
  • METHODS: This was a randomized clinical trial which was done on 41 vitiligenous patches of patients with non responding vitiligo. The selected patches of the body were treated 3times a week with NB-UVB therapy either with or without the needling approach for three month. The pigmentation score and the photographs of before and after the therapy were compared to evaluate the response rate.
  • RESULTS: The pigmentation scare and improvement of the lesions differed statistically in the combined needling side in comparison with the NB-UVB alone side in favor of the combined treatment (p Ë‚ 0.05). The response rate was higher in trunkal lesions than lesions on the extremities (p Ë‚ 0.05).
  • CONCLUSIONS: The needling procedure can increase the response rate of photo therapy and it accelerates the improvement process and therefore, reduces the side effects.
  • KEYWORDS: Vitiligo, Narrow Band UVB, Phototherapy, Needling.


Vitiligo, Narrow Band UVB phototherapy, Needling, Treatment

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