Filler augmentation, safe or unsafe: A case series of severe complications of fillers

Mahmood Omranifard, Soheila Taheri


  • BACKGROUND: The growing interest in filler injection requires a more comprehensive knowledge about the complications of this procedure.
  • METHODS: A total of 5 cases with debilitating chronic complications following filler injection who were referred to Al-Zahra hospital, Isfahan are presented in this report.
  • RESULTS: The outcome of treatment for two of the cases was satisfactory. In one case the treatment led to failure. A case committed suicide, the remaining case had received vitamin E injection which caused severe necrosis and scaring.
  • CONCLUSIONS: All fillers are considered foreign bodies and may provoke the immune system to varying degrees. Most complications are, however, caused by the technique of injection not the filler itself. Experience of physicians along with adequate knowledge about fillers and their complications can definitely guarantee a better outcome.
  • KEYWORDS: Filler Complications, Granuloma, Biofilms


Filler Complications, Granuloma, Biofilms

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