Angular profile of the knee in Iranian children: A clinical evaluation

Mojtaba HeshmatiPour, Mohammad Taghi Karimi


  • BACKGROUND: Intercondylar (IC) and intermalleolar (IM) distance measurements are appropriate modalities for screening angular deformities but the values are not the same in all ethnics. This study was conducted to assess the mean values and normal limits of IC and IM distances in Iranian children.
  • METHODS: A total of 2268 children aged eight to eleven years were recruited in this research project. The IC and IM distances were measured and recorded according to a special procedure in standing and supine positions.
  • RESULTS: The mean values of IC distance were 2.4 ± 6.05 and 3.83 ± 8.1 mm in supine and standing positions, respectively, while the corresponding IM distances were 5.63 ± 10.74 and 7.51 ± 11.22 mm. There was no significant difference among the age groups. Moreover, the mean values of these parameters did not differ significantly between two genders.
  • CONCLUSIONS: With respect to reported values, IC and IM measurements, especially when selected according to age, can be used for screening angular deformities of lower limbs.
  • KEYWORDS: Intercondylar Distance, Intermalleolar Distance, Knee, Genu Varum, Genu Valgum.


Intercondylar/Intermalleolar distance, Iranian children

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