The influence of Iranian scientific journals in disseminating medical information

Farzaneh Aminpour


  • BACKGROUND: Scientific journals are the most credible and updated information resources for valid information in the various fields of science and technology. The present study investigates the status of Iranian scientific journals in disseminating medical information to the world of science.
  • METHODS: Total 163 Iranian medical journals accredited by national medical journals commission of Iranian ministry of health and medical education were evaluated through a cross-sectional study. The results were represented in descriptive statistics in the form of table and chart.
  • RESULTS: The study showed that 89.6% of Iranian medical journals were covered by regional information databases. Web of Science database indexed 22 (13.5%) Iranian journals in the field of medical science. Only six (6.7%) journals were indexed by Medline. Fifty-eight (35.6%) journals were in English, 102 (62.6%) in Persian, and three (1.8%) were bilingual which published their articles both in Persian and English languages. The highest Impact factor belonged to Iranian Journal of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.
  • CONCLUSIONS: Improving scientific credibility of Iranian scholarly journals and their influence in disseminating medical information¬† calls for a precise scientific and executive administration in publishing standards and also in the quality of content.
  • KEYWORDS: Bibliographic Databases, Biomedical Research, Information Dissemination, Knowledge Management, Periodicals


Periodicals; Databases, Bibliographic; Biomedical Research; Knowledge Management; Information Dissemination.

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