The relationship between static and dynamic stability tests parameters

Mohammad Taghi Karimi, Stephan Solomonidis


Stability is often described to be static (quiet standing) and dynamic (maintaining a stable position while undertake a prescribed movement). Many researchers have used static and dynamic tests without reporting the relationship between them. Unfortunately, it is not currently clear weather or not static balance is reflective of dynamic balance or not. So the main aim of this research was to find the association between the stability in quiet standing and while the subjects undertaking various hand tasks. 25 normal subjects were recruited to participate in this research project. They were asked to stand on a force plate in quiet standing and while undertaking various hand tasks. The functional stability of the subjects was measured by transverse and vertical reaching tasks. The correlation between various parameters of stability in quiet standing and functional hand tasks was evaluated by use of Pearson correlation. The results of this research project showed that there was no significant correlation between static and dynamic stability. As there is no correlation between stability parameters in quiet standing and while performing various hand tasks, it is not practical to discuss ability of the subjects to control their balance while undertaking various hand tasks based on static balance ability.


stability, force plate, static, dynamic test

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