Prevention of communicable diseases after disaster: A review

Najmeh Jafari, Armindokht Shahsanai, Mehrdad Memarzadeh, Amir Loghmani


  • Natural disasters are tragic incidents originating from atmospheric, geologic and hydrologic changes. In recent decades, millions of people have been killed by natural disasters, resulting in economic damages. Natural and complex disasters dramatically increase the mortality and morbidity due to communicable diseases. The major causes of communicable disease in disasters are categorized into four sections: Infections due to contaminated food and water, respiratory infections, vector and insect-borne diseases, and infections due to wounds and injuries. With appropriate intervention, high morbidity and mortality resulting from communicable diseases can be avoided to a great deal. This review article tries to provide the best recommendations for planning and preparing to prevent communicable disease after disaster in two phases: before disaster and after disaster.
  • KEYWORDS: Natural Disasters, Communicable Diseases, Prevention.


Disaster,Communicable diseases, Prevention

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