Pelvic lymphoma: An unusual presentation

Fakhrolmolouk Yassaee, Sedighe Hosseini


  • Pelvic lymphoma is not a common condition and aggressive recurrence of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) as a cause is rarely reported. We report a case of lymphoma of left adnexa in a postmenopausal woman, with a three week history of abdominal and left flank pain. Past medical history was consistent with diagnosis of CLL. She had received chemotherapy. Due to abdominal and flank pain and abdominopelvic mass, exploratory laparotomy was done with the impression of ovarian malignancy. A large uterus with adnexal mass and a large tumoral bladder was seen. Biopsy was done from adnexal mass which was compatible with lymphoma. The abdomen was closed and the patient was referred for chemotherapy. Lymphoma usually does not involve the pelvic organs. After laparotomy, her condition deteriorated and she expired.
  • KEYWORDS: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Aggressive Recurrence, Abdominopelvic Mass.


chronic lymphocytic leukemia,aggressive recurrence,Abdominopelvic mass

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