Comparing angiography features of inferior versus anterior myocardial infarction regarding severity and extension in a cohort of Iranian patients

Elham Hakki Kazazi, Mehrdad Sheikhvatan, Mehran Mahmoodian, Mahmood Sheikh Fathollahi, Hakimeh Sadeghian


  • BACKGROUND: The location of acute myocardial infarction (MI) is an important prognostic factor for risk stratification of patients with first ST-segment elevation MI (STEMI). The main goal of this study was to compare the severity and extension of coronary involvement in these two types of MI.
  • METHODS: This study reviewed angiographic reports of 579 patients with a first anterior wall STEMI and 690 with a first inferior STEMI that were referred to Tehran Heart Center between March 2004 and September 2007. The number of coronary vessels involvement and the presence of left main lesion were determined based on angiography reports. The Gensini score was also calculated for each patient from the coronary arteriogram.
  • RESULTS: Incidence of left main lesion was similar between the two groups. Although coronary arteries involvement according to Gensini score was more severe in anterior wall MI group compared with inferior wall MI group, the number of involved coronary arteries was significantly higher in the inferior MI patients. Recommendation of coronary artery bypass grafting, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) or medical treatment were the same for both groups; however, patients with anterior MI were treated more with primary PCI.
  • CONCLUSIONS: According to our angiography database, despite anterior wall MI is associated with more severity of coronary artery disease; inferior wall MI is more extent with regard to the number of involved coronary vessels. Location of MI can predict the severity and extension of infarction.
  • KEYWORDS: Myocardial infarction, Coronary vessels, Angiography.


Myocardial infarction; Outcome; Mortality; Coronary artery

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