Physician's acquittal of responsibility in Iranian statutes

Mahmoud Abbasi, Amir Samavati Pirouz


  • The physician's acquittal has obsessed Iranian legislator's mind to a large extent. This is exclusively observed in Iranian statuses and specifically in Shi'ite school of though. Muslim jurists' opinions play a very important role in enacting legal articles related to it. After reviewing the literature, the authors tried to pick and collect common features of physician's responsibilities and duties to introduce Iranian Acts with respect to the subject. Also, Iranian Acts are analyzed and the challenging medical topics such as emergency situations and infectious diseases are discussed.Iranian legislator didn't specify a kind of physician's acquittal which received from the patient knowingly and is based on his/her free will. There are also some medical and legal gaps. Patients are not often informed of all exact and scientific information and results of their treatments. Furthermore, the forms prepared to receive the patient's consent do not provide what Iranian legislator meant.
  • KEYWORDS: Iranian Acts, Physician's Responsibility, Physician's Acquittal, Civil and Criminal Liability, Competency, Consent, Emergency Situations.


Iranian Acts; physician's responsibility; physician's acquittal; civil and criminal liability; competency; consent; emergency situations.

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