A randomized controlled study for evaluation of psyllium effects on kinetics of carbohydrate absorption

Mansour Siavash, Maryam Salehioun, Alireza Najafian, Masoud Amini


BACKGROUND: This study was performed to evaluate the effects of psyllium on kinetics of alimentary carbohydrate absorption in diet-treated type 2 diabetic patients.
METHODS: This was a double blind, prospective, controlled clinical trial. Twelve patients (6 in each group) participated in the present study. After an overnight fast, a standard 435 kcal breakfast was given to participants. Fasting, 1- and 2- hour postprandial plasma glucose was measured in the case and control groups. Cow’s milk containing 5 grams of psyllium granules for the case and without psyllium for the control groups was also delivered.
RESULTS: Plasma glucose changes in the first hour were significantly different between control and case groups (53.8 versus 17.8 respectively, P = 0.037). Also, mean 2-hour postprandial plasma glucose was 167.67 and 117.67 mg/dl for control and case groups, respectively (P = 0.05).
CONCLUSIONS: This pilot study revealed that psyllium may effectively reduce postprandial plasma glucose possibly by retarding GI carbohydrate absorption. Larger studies are needed to confirm the results of this study and define its role compared to acarbose or meglitinides.
KEYWORDS: Psyllium, postprandial hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Psyllium, postprandial hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus

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