Huge simultaneous trichobezoars causing gastric and small-bowel obstruction

Fariborz Mansour-Ghanaei, Mohammadrasoul Herfatkar, Massih Sedigh-Rahimabadi, Mohammad Lebani-Motlagh, Farahnaz Joukar


  • Bezoars are concretions of foreign materials that impair gastrointestinal motility or cause intestinal obstruction in the stomach, small intestine or bowel of humans or animals. There are many types of them such as phyto, lacto and trichobezoars. Although bezoars are not rare, multiple giant bezoars which totally fill the stomach lumen and have extension to the small intestine (Rapunzel syndrome) are very rare. This is a case report of a young girl who had a history of trichophagia and presented with partial gastric and intestinal obstructive signs. The patient was healthy, and her physical exam was almost normal and the only positive thing in her past medical history was trichophagia from several years ago. She had a big trapped bobble in her stomach and several air-fluid levels in abdominal radiograph and was investigated with endoscopy which confirmed the diagnosis of a huge gastric trichobezoar.
  • KEYWORDS: Bezoars, Gastric Outlet Obstruction.


Trichobezoar,gastric obstruction, small-bowel obstruction

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