Takayasu arteritis presenting as sudden onset vision loss simulates multiple sclerosis: a case report

Nahid Ashjazadeh, Shadi Shokohyar, Mohammad Ali Ostovan


  • Neurological manifestation may complicate Takayasu arteritis (TA). A 23-year-old girl with sudden onset of vision loss was admitted to hospital. Her brain MRI showed abnormal T2-signal hyperintensity and visual evoked potential revealed prolonged P100 latency. Consequently, optic neuritis was diagnosed. A review on history of dizziness, falling, and weak pulses of upper extremities led to more investigation. Angiography revealed a total occlusion of right and left carotids, left vertebral arteries, aneurismal dilatation of innominate artery and critical stenosis of right vertebral artery. Following diagnosis of TA, stenting of right vertebral artery was done, but she passed away because of subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  • KEYWORDS: Takayasu Arteritis, Neurologic Manifestations, Blindness.


Takayasu, Neurological manifestation, Vision loss.

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