A pure nongestational choriocarcinoma of the ovary

Mohammad Ali Roghaei, Parvin Mahzuni, Faryma Rezaei


Choriocarcinoma arises in the ovary from gestational or nongestational origin. Nongestational choriocarcinoma of the ovary is extremely rare and the pure type is less frequent than the mixed type with other germ cell tumors. We report a pure nongestational choriocarcinoma primarily arising in a 47-year-old woman’s ovary. Following abdominal operative procedure, careful examination of the tumor revealed choriocarcinoma without combination of other germ cell tumors. Multiple courses of the chemotherapy with and EMA/CO regimen were effective for this case. KEY WORDS: Choriocarcinoma, nongestational, ovary.


Choriocarcinoma, nongestational, ovary.

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