Correlation of inflammatory and nutrition al indexes in Isfahan hemodialysis patients

Omolbanin Kafeshani, Mohammad Hasan Entezari, Mahmood Yahai, Seyed Mohsen Hoseini, Shiva Seiraphian


Introduction : Protein energy Malnutrition and inflammation in hemodialysis patients often leads to the malnutrition inflammation complex syndrome or atherosclerosis malnutrition and inflammation that has relation to atherosclerotic cardio vascular disease .

This syndrome will occur in patients who are under dialysis for along time and is accounted as an important factor of mortality among these patients.

Considering that different studies show different results about inflammation and malnutrition, we decided to investigate the relation of inflammatory and nutritional indexes in HD. Patients.


Materials And Methods : This research was done by a sectional method on 35 people of HD.Patients of Alzahra hospital who were being dialyzed for at least 6 months. Information were gathered by a questionnaire containing personal and medical characteristics and clinical tests and a Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ).

The persons being studied (20 men, 15 women) were with an average age of 51 years.

Anthropometric characteristics including height and weight were measured by using a seca scale and hightmeter and the blood sample of patients were taken and sent to the laberatory for the tests and Food Frequency Questionnaire including 192 questions of all the people were completed and the obtained results were analyzed by a SPSS software.


Findings : After finishing the study, the relation between selenium and TG and CRP was meaningful (P=0.000) and about other indexes being investigated (albumin, cholesterol, calorie, protein, vitamins and minerals) no meaningful relation was observed.


Discussion and conclusion : In this study CRP as the inflammation index and albumin as the nutritional index were measured. 25.9 people had albumin less than 3.5g/dl who were suffering from malnutrition or were exposed to it, and 23.8% had CRP less than 1mg/dL which is indicative of the existance of inflammation in these people. While there was no meaningful relation between CRP and albumin, therefore, probably because of being short-term , many of participant in the study haven't been involved in the inflammation-malnutrition cycle yet.


Key words : Nutrition – inflammation – Hemodialysis – Nutrient - CRP



Nutrition – inflammation – Hemodialysis – Nutrient - CRP

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