Characteristic and follow-up of subglottic hemangiomas in Iranian children

Seyed Ahmad Tabatabaii, GamarTaj Khanbabaii, Ali Reza Khatami, Seyed Ali Sharifnia


  • Subglottic hemangiomas are very rare in compare with cutaneous form but can be life-threatening in the proliferating phase of tumor by airway obstruction. It should be considered in any child with recurrent, persistent and/or progressive, inspiratory or biphasic stridor, respiratory distress and feeding difficulties in the first months of life. It should be confirmed by endobronchoscopic evaluation. Affected infants are most likely to experience symptoms between the ages of 6 and 12 weeks. Infants who admitted and referred to our hospital with recurrent stridor, cough and respiratory distress were reviewed.
  • KEYWORDS: Subglotic Hemangioma, Laser Therapy, Tracheostomy, Respiratory Distress, Recurrent Stridor.


Subglotic hemangioma; Infant ;Laser therapy; tracheostomy; respiratory distress ;recurrent stridore

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