Otosclerosis among first and second degree Relatives of Otosclerotic patients

S Soheilipour, S Nemati


Background: Otosclerosis (OS) is the most common cause of conductive hearing loss in young population, and we determined incidence of OS among 1st and 2 nd degree relatives of surgically proved otosclerotic patients.
Methods: In a cross sectional study among 43 surgically proved otosclerotic patients, positive family history of OS was determined. In suspicious cases, physical exam, tunning fork tests, and audiometry were performed. We also reviewed medical sheaths of admitted OS patients from 1995 to 2003 in Isfahan university hospitals for family history of OS.
Results: Among 15 otosclerotic patients (34.88%) with positive family history of OS, 14 individuals of their first and second degree relatives had clinical and audiometric otosclerosis. Among 85 medical record sheaths of otosclerotic patients, 12 patients (27.9 %) had positive family history for OS.
Conclusions: The incidence of clinical and audiometric otosclerosis among first and second degree relatives of OS patients is nearly similar to the rate of positive family history of our patients, which is relatively lower than other studies.
Key words: Otosclerosis, family history, first and second degree relatives, hearing loss

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