Pregnancy and Multiple Births rate after Transferring 2 or 3 Embryos

F Mostajeran, E Haftbaradaran


Background: In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a progressing common reproduction method and if the number of transferred embryo increases, the pregnancy rate and multiple pregnancies will increase which may lead to higher medical costs and human suffering. We compared pregnancy and multiple pregnancies rate after two or three transferred embryo via IVF.
Methods: From April 2003 to June 2004, 301 referred infertile women to Isfahan infertility center underwent IVF with transferring two or three good quality embryos.
Results: From 298 patients, 2 and 3 embryos were transferred in 155 patients and in 143 patients, respectively. Pregnancy rate was 19.4% versus 24.5% in 2 and 3 embryos transferred patients, respectively. Twin gestations were found in 5(3.2%) of 2 embryos transferred patients and in 11(7.7%) of 3 embryos transferred patients.
Discussion: Transferring two or three embryos with good quality increase the rate of twin gestations in young women, without significant improve in the chance of singleton conception.
Key words: In Vitro Fertilization, Multiple gestations, Embryo transfer

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