Association between Peritonsillar Abscess and Molar Caries

M Shayani Nasab, F Behnod, F Farehani, F Hashemian


Background: Peritonsillar abscess is the most common deep neck infections that are related with periodontal disease which has the same pathogenesis. We determined the relationship between peritonsillar infection and molar caries.
Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 33 consecutive patients whom referred to Hamadan university clinic of otolaryngologic for peritonsillar abscess were examined by otolaryngologist and dentist who investigated relationship between peritonsillar infection and molar caries.
Results: There were 27 males and 6 females with mean age 26.7+_7 years. The frequency caries on ipsilateral peritonsillar infection sides was in relation to molars caries on opposite sides (conterol group). This corrolation was significant with odds ratio 2.5.
Conclusion: Molar caries were seen 2.5 times more likely to have peritonsillar infection compared with normal molar sides.
Key Words: Peritonsillar abscess, Infection, Periodontal disease, Dental caries

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