Brain activity and affect: overall and asymmetric activity of the brain lobes in affective states

Shahrokh Makvand Hosseini, Siavash Talepasand, Iman Bigdeli


  • BACKGROUND: Studies have emphasized on the frontal EEGĀ  symmetry as a mediator of emotional states. This research was aimed to examine the overall and asymmetric activities of the brain lobes under the affective states.
  • METHODS: A coupling EEG was recorded in an eye closed awakened condition from 40 right handed female students under the baseline and affective states.
  • RESULTS: Bilaterally decreased activities in anterior and posterior regions and also a superimposed right asymmetry in posterior regions were revealed.
  • CONCLUSIONS: Variability of frontal, temporal and parietal lobes together with a superimposed relative right posterior activity may mediate affective states.
  • KEYWORDS: Brain Activity, Brain Lobes, Asymmetry, Affect.


Brain Activity, Brain Lobes, Asymmetry, Affect.

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