The correlation of nitrite concentration with lesion size in initial phase of stroke; It is not correlated with National Institute Health Stroke Scale

Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Fereshteh Ashtari, Elham Mousavi Mobarekeh, Elham Nooranian, Mohammad Sa'datnia


  • BACKGROUND: The role of Nitric Oxide (NO) and its metabolites in stroke has been examined clinically and experimentally. The relationship between plasma NO level and Lesion Size (LS) or clinical severity of stroke is still under investigation. In this clinical study, the serum level of Nitrite (NI); the last metabolite of NO was measured in first and fifth days of onset of the stroke, and its correlation with LS was determined.
  • METHOD: 37 Cerebrovascular Attack (CVA) patients were considered. The National Institute Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) was assessed to determined neurological impairment within 24 hours of onset. On the basis of NIHSS, the patients were divided into mild, moderate and severe groups. CT Scan for all patients were obtained in the first day, and based on CT Scan results, the patients were also divided into hemorrhagic, ischemic and normal groups. The serum level of NI and the LS were determined.
  • RESULTS: The mean serum levels of NI in 37 patients in the first and fifth days of stroke were 8.43± 1.23 and 7.46±0.72 7mole/liter with no significance difference. The analyses of data indicated no significant correlation between NI concentration and NIHSS, but in patients with abnormal CT Scan, statistical correlation was existed between NI concentration and LS (r=0.521, p=0.022).
  • CONCLUSION: The NI concentration is not correlated with NIHSS, but it is correlated with LS. The sources of NO metabolite sources are different; neuronal, endothelial or inducible. Therefore the concentration of NO or NI is not exactly the endothelial NO reprehensive which is beneficial in stroke, and it seems that the relationship between NO precursor subtypes and NIHSS or LS is needed to investigate.
  • KEYWORDS: Nitric Oxide, Stroke


Nitric Oxide, Stroke

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