Cardioembolic stroke the most common subtype of stroke in COVID 19 A single center experience from Isfahan Iran

Marzieh Tajmirriahi, Maryam Masjedi Esfahani, Zahra Amouaghaei, Nahid Mansori, Pantea Miralaei, Peiman Shirani, Mohammad Saadatnia


Background: Some studies showed the cerebrovascular manifestation in patients with recently pandemic coronavirus 2 named the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID?19). However, there are rare reports about stroke subtypes in these patients. Here, we reported the stroke subtype in patients with laboratory?confirmed diagnosis of COVID?19 and treated at our hospitals, which are located in Isfahan, Iran.

Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective, observational case series. Data were collected from March 01, 2020, to May 20, 2020, at three designated special care centers for COVID?19 of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. The study included 1188 consecutive hospitalized patients with laboratory?confirmed diagnosis of COVID?19.

Results: Of 1188 COVID?19 patients, 7 (0.5%) patients developed stroke. Five (0.4%) had ischemic arterial stroke, 1 (0.08%) hemorrhagic stroke and 1(0.08 %) cerebral venous and sinus thrombosis. Sixty percent of ischemic stroke were cardioembolic stroke (CE) and the rest 2 (40%) were embolic stroke of undetermined source. Three male patients (40%) had stroke as a presenting and admitted symptom of COVID?19. Four
patients (57%) had severe COVID?19. Conclusion: Stroke was an uncommon manifestation in COVID?19 patients. CE was a common
subtype of stroke in COVID?19 patients in our centers.


COVID?19, embolic stroke, infection, stroke

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