Association between autocrine motility factor receptor gene polymorphism (rs2440472, rs373191257) and glioblastoma multiform in a representative Iranian population

Alireza Eishi Oskouei, Laleh Rafee, Parvin Mahzouni, Mojgan Gharipour, Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard


Background: Glioblastoma multiform (GBM) is the most common and most malignant of the glial tumors that begins primarily in brain tissue. Genetic background could be considered as an important predisposing factor in GBM. Autocrine motility factor receptor (AMFR) is a cytokine receptor that participates in a lot of physiologic and pathologic processes like: Cellular motility and metastasis. So, it seems that this protein has an essential role in pathophysiology of several cancers and could be a potential diagnostic and or therapeutic target in GBM. Te aim of this study is to investigate the association of AMFR (rs2440472, rs373191257) gene polymorphism and GBM in a representative Iranian population. Materials and Methods: Tis study includes 81 cases of GBM and 117 control subjects. After DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction ? high resolution melting reaction was performed. For each single nucleotide polymorphisms, 12 samples were selected for sequencing. Data was analyzed using Chi?square test and Logistic regression. Results: For rs2440472, frequency of GG genotype in the case group was increased compared to the control group (51.9% vs. 34.2% respectively, P = 0.013). After adjusting for sex and age by logistic regression our results were the same (P = 0.017, odds ratio = 2.056). Allelic frequencies for rs2440472 among cases and controls were not signifcantly di?erent (P = 0.058). For
rs373191257, genotypic and allelic frequencies were not signifcantly di?erent between two groups. Conclusion: Our results showed
the possible association between the AMFR rs2440472 gene polymorphism with susceptibility to GBM.


Autocrine motility factor receptor, cancer, glioblastoma multiform, polymorphism, single nucleotide polymorphisms How to cite this article: Eishi Osk

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