Abdominal herniation associated with bullhorn injury as a separate entity from traumatic abdominal wall hernias

Singh Mathuria Kaushal?Deep, Vikas Singh, Poonam Gupta, Rudra Mani, Mehershree Lodh


Bullhorn injury is a rare mechanism causing traumatic abdominal wall hernia (TAWH). Bullhorn injury needs to be discussed as a separate sub-entity among TAWHs as the mechanism of injury is such that the great force is generated at a relatively small area of impact for a short duration of time which may lead to muscle defect without compromising integrity of overlying skin (referred to as sheathed goring) leading to herniation of abdominal viscera. Te purpose of this review was to discuss abdominal herniation’s associated with bullhorn injury as a separate entity from TAWHs; recognize the common presentations, mechanism of injury, and
modalities of treatment currently utilized for this rare condition. A  omprehensive online English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French language medical literature search was done using various electronic search  atabases. Di?erent search terms including MeSH related to bullhorn-injury associated injuries including abdominal wall hernias were used. An advanced search was further conducted by combining all the search felds in abstracts, keywords, and titles. We summarized the data from the  earched articles and found 12 cases who underwent emergency or elective herniorrhaphy with or without the use of mesh. We have proposed a treatment algorithm for such cases in light of the present era of laparoscopy and propose the usage of the term “bullhorn-injury associated traumatic hernia” for such cases. We present here the frst most  omprehensive discussion of all such cases reported till date.


Bullhorn-injury associated traumatic hernia, handle-bar injuries, laparoscopic repair, sheathed goring, traumatic abdominal wall hernia

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