One?anastomosis gastric bypass as an alternative procedure of choice in morbidly obese patients

Ali solouki, Mohammad Kermansaravi, Amir Hossein Davarpanah Jazi, Ali Kabir, Taiebeh Mohammadi Farsani, Abdolrez Pazouki


One?anastomosis gastric bypass is an attractive bariatric procedure. It is e?ective in weight loss and comorbidity resolution. It is a relatively simple and fast operation with low complication rates that make it a suitable option in super?obese individuals. Although not proven yet, there are some concerns about its long?term safety profle in terms of biliary re?ux, marginal ulcer, and esophagogastric malignancy. In this article, we review the technique of thisĀ  procedure and discuss about some practical surgical highlights. Furthermore,
we overview studies performed about this procedure and compare it to some other well?established bariatric operations, while providing a detailed study about the facts related to its outcomes and complications.


Bariatric surgery, morbid obesity, one?anastomosis gastric bypass

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