Cancer trends in a province of Southwest of Iran, 2003–2016

Ali Ahmadi, Fatemeh Salehi, Zenab Ahmadimirghaed


Background: Awareness of the trends of cancer incidence in each geographic region is an important. Te aim of present study was to determine the incidence trends of cancer in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari (Ch and B) province in Southwest of Iran. Materials and Methods: In this secondary data analysis, retrospective existing data were used from cancer registry reports in Ch and B in Southwest of Iran in 2003–2016. Data on epidemiologic trend were analyzed using Joinpoint software package and annual percentage change (APC) with 95% confdence interval (95% CI) was computed. Results: Age?standardized incidence rate per 100,000 persons in the province in 2003 was 31.74 that increased to 147.14 in 2016. APC during 2003–2016 was 12.58% (CI: 9.3–16) and signifcant, which was 10.22% (7.4–13.1) and 14.47% (10.2–18.9) in men and women, respectively. Incidence of the stomach, breast, colorectal, thyroid, lymph node, and ovarian cancers is increasing and the highest incidence was observed in two age groups of 25–34 and 55–64 years. Conclusion: In general, cancers are of increasing trend. Surveillance and monitoring the incidence of cancer and studying the causes of environmental or genetic in the cancer changes can help for cancer prevention and control.


: Cancer, epidemiology, Iran, joinpoint, neoplasm, trends

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